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2022 Ferrari Purosangue: This news comes despite the company’s past messaging that an SUV has no place in the lineup. Expect to need a hedge-fund manager’s salary to afford such a ride, of course; prices could start as high as $350,000.

A high-performance SUV with Ferrari’s prancing horse badge on the grille won’t ruin the brand, though. After all, successful iterations of the concept have served sports-car brands such as Porsche and Lamborghini quite well.


We aren’t sure what will be under the hood, but the 2022 Ferrari Purosangue might get either a turbocharged V-8 or a mighty V-12 engine like that of Ferrari’s legendary supercars.

All-wheel drive is a given, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see electrification in the form of a hybrid system either; Ferrari had a 950-hp, V-12 hybrid powertrain in its LaFerrari hypercar back in 2014.

One thing’s for sure: It’ll be powerful. The Purosangue will enter the horsepower wars against the 626-hp Bentley Bentaygathe 641-hp Lamborghini Urus, and the Aston Martin DBX, which is powered by a 542-hp V-8 engine supplied by the powertrain geniuses at Mercedes-AMG.


Even if the 2022 Ferrari Purosangue gets a hybrid powertrain, we don’t expect it to be a leader in fuel efficiency. Ferrari’s focus on performance means whatever gains the powertrain can eke out from the help of electric motors will contribute to acceleration rather than fuel economy.

If the Purosangue offers non-hybrid engines, kiss your gas money goodbye. For context, both the Urus and the 12-cylinder Bentayga earn ratings of 12 mpg city, 17 mpg highway, and 14 mpg combined. We expect something similar out of the Purosangue.


No concept photos of the interior have been released, so we have no idea what the cabin of the 2022 Ferrari Purosangue will be like, but we’d expect a driver-focused layout with room for four adults and a decent-size cargo bay.

Gorgeous leather and real carbon-fiber trim will likely adorn every inch of the Ferrari SUV’s sumptuous interior. More information will surely leak out in the months leading up to the Purosangue’s launch in 2022.


Recent additions to the Ferrari lineup—the Roma and F8 Tributo—have differed in their approach to in-car infotainment. Where the Tributo handles all such controls and features through a digital display in the gauge cluster—with an optional 7.0-inch display for the passenger—the Roma offers a more traditional infotainment screen mounted vertically on the center of the dashboard.

We can’t say with any certainty which way the Purosangue will go, but it will certainly offer navigation standards.


Not only has the 2022 Ferrari Purosangue not been crash-tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), it likely never will be.

Neither of those agencies pursues tests of high-dollar niche vehicles. We expect Ferrari to offer a host of driver-assistance features, though.


 2022 Ferrari Purosangue

 2022 Ferrari Purosangue

 2022 Ferrari Purosangue

 2022 Ferrari Purosangue

 2022 Ferrari Purosangue

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