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2022 Harley-Davidson Revolution Max Nighter

2022 Harley-Davidson Revolution Max Nighter: American bike maker Harley-Davidson pulled the veils off a new entry in the Sportster family of motorcycles, with the reveal today of the 2022 Nightster. We’re promised “a leap forward in performance and design,” but at the same time “an accessible entry point to motorcycling and the brand.”

At the core of this entirely new machine sits a version of the liquid-cooled 2022 Harley-Davidson Revolution Max Nighter engine called 975T. The number stands for the powerplant’s displacement and is accompanied by two others: 90 for horsepower and 95 Nm for torque. The thing is not mounted inside a traditional hoop-style frame, but acts as a stressed member, helping reduce weight and adding to the stiffness of the chassis.

The 2022 Harley-Davidson Revolution Max Nighter 975T is a short-stroke V-twin design. The 97mm bore is matched to a 66mm stroke to create a pair of combustion chambers displacing 487.7cc. Put them together in a 60-degree V-twin configuration, and you have a 975cc motor, rounded to the nearest cubic centimeter.

Each cylinder head had a pair of overhead cams. Not only is the motor a DOHC design, but the intake cams have variable valve timing. The 975T is not your grandpa’s pushrod Sportster motor—it even has liquid cooling.

Although a short-stroke configuration sporting double overhead cams, it doesn’t have to be revved excessively to produce power. Torque peaks at 70 ft/lbs at just 5000 rpm, while it hits 90 horsepower at 7500 rpm. Harley-Davidson claims “a torque curve that stays flat through the broad powerband.”

While Harley-Davidson is known for the pulse of its motors, the Revolution Max 975T has counterbalancers. Harley-Davidson insider tells us the counterbalancer smooths things out, though the engine does “retain just enough vibration to make the motorcycle feel alive.” According to Harley-Davidson, the balancer improves the reliability of the motor, while also making for a more comfortable ride.

The 2022 Harley-Davidson Revolution Max Nighter 975T is a robust stressed-member design. In the case of the Nightster, the motor is part of the chassis.

Service intervals are extended thanks to hydraulic valve lash adjustment. Put those feelers away for the most part, and let the magic of a hydraulic tappet do most of the work for you. If you like the clicking sound of valves, be prepared for some disappointment.

The new engine accommodates electronic rider aids. The first iteration includes power modes, traction control, and electronically controlled engine braking.

Expect Harley-Davidson to use the new Revolution Max 975T in several future models. External tuning can be accomplished by altering intake velocity stacks lengths and shapes, plus changing the size of the airbox. Internally, the cams are certainly fair game for optimizing the engine for different applications.

PHOTOS2022 Harley-Davidson Revolution Max Nighter

2022 Harley-Davidson Revolution Max Nighter

2022 Harley-Davidson Revolution Max Nighter

2022 Harley-Davidson Revolution Max Nighter


2022 Harley-Davidson Nightster 975
Engine Revolution Max 975T Chain-driven, DOHC, hydraulic self-adjusting lifters, intake VVT; four valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke 97 x 66 mm
Displacement 59.5 cu in (975 cc)
Compression Ratio 12:1
Engine Torque 70 ft-lb (95 Nm) @ 5000 rpm
Power (Hp/kW) 90 HP / 67 kW @ 7500 rpm
Fuel System Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Air Cleaner Downdraft intake, tuned velocity stacks,
Exhaust 2-into-1; catalyst in header
Lubrication System Semi-Dry Sump
Primary Drive Gear, 49/89 ratio
Final Drive Belt, 80/34 ratio
Clutch Mechanical, eight plate wet, assist & slip, 1090N
Transmission Six-speed
Frame Stressed-member, high strength low alloy steel trellis frame; stamped, cast, and forged junctions; MIG welded; aluminum forged mid-structure
Swingarm Mild steel, rectangular tube section, stamped x-member; MIG welded
Front Fork 41mm SHOWA Dual Bending Valve conventional forks.  Aluminum fork triple clamps.
Rear Shocks Rear suspension is dual outboard, direct-acting (no linkage) emulsion technology shock absorbers with coil springs and a threaded collar for pre-load adjustment.
Wheels, Type Aluminum cast, satin black
Wheels, Front 2.5 in. x 19 in.
Wheels, Rear 4.25 in. x 16 in.
Tires, Type Dunlop Harley-Davidson Series Bias Blackwall
Tires, Specification 100/90-19 57H, 150/80B16 77H
Brake Caliper Front: axially mounted, 4-piston caliper; Rear: floating, single piston caliper
Brakes, Rotor Front: single rotor, floating, hub – mounted; Rear: solid uniform expansion rotor
Brakes, Front Diameter 320 mm
Brakes, Rear Diameter 260 mm
Length 2,206 mm
Overall Width 836 mm
Overall Height 1,108 mm
Seat Height, Laden 688 mm
Seat Height, Unladen 705 mm
Seat Height, Unladen (Low seat position) 114 mm
Weight (wet) 218 kg
Fuel capacity 11.7 L
Rake (steering head) (deg) 30
Fork Angle (deg) 28
Fuel Economy 4.5 l/100 km
Lights All LED
Gauges 4-inch viewable round gauge area analogue display with, Speedometer, L/R turn Indication, Traction Control Indication, Coolant Temperature Alert, ABS alert, Fog Lamp Indication, Battery Voltage Alert, High Beam Indicator, Low Fuel Indication, Rear-ABS Disabled Indication, Failure-Indication Alert, Neutral Position Indication, Low Tire Pressure indication, Check Engine Light indication, Oil Pressure Alert, Service Indication.
Warranty 24 months (unlimited mileage)
Service Interval First 1,600 km, every 8,000 km thereafter

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