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The 2022 Indian Scout Rogue has dropped veils to show its all-American attire. The motorcycle features a 1,133 cc V-twin motor and sports a quarter-fairing at the front.

Indian Motorcycles has taken the covers off the 2022 Scout Rogue. The company claims that it is the most aggressive iteration of its Scout range so far. The 2022 Indian Scout Rogue remains the fourth motorcycle in the American brand’s 1,133 cc motorcycle portfolio.

The 2022 Indian Scout Rogue looks distinctive in comparison to other motorcycles in the Scout line-up. It features a quarter fairing on the front. To give it an iconic silhouette, Indian Motorcycles has also used a mini-ape-hanger-type handlebar and a curvy single-piece seat.

  1. The 19-inch front wheel lightens the Scout’s handling. By going with a narrower tire rather than the fat front of the standard Scout, the 2022 Indian Scout Rogue gains some agility. The larger-diameter blacked-out cast aluminum wheel also gives the Rogue a more aggressive appearance.
  1. The more aggressive nature of the Scout Rogue is enhanced by the quarter fairing and sport-friendly solo seat. If you’re going to be going fast, wind protection is always welcome.                                                                                                                                                  Further, the seat has a raised rear to keep the rider in the saddle during hard acceleration. Additionally, the seat gets more padding for comfort on longer rides.
  1. The Rogue’s mini-ape handlebars put the rider’s fists in the wind. While the mini-ape’s ergonomics may not enhance its sporting credentials, it does make the rider look more aggressive. The tall bend also allows the rider to run the bar-end mirrors above or below the grips.
  1. Black is the color for the 2022 Rogue. The blacked-out styling adds another element to the toughening up of the 2022 Indian Scout Rogue.
  1. There’s a Sixty version of the Scout Rogue. If you can get by with 60ci rather than 69ci, and the corresponding drop in horsepower and torque, along with a five-speed transmission rather than a six-speed, the Sixty is ready to go for a $1500 price cut.                                                                                                                                                     In our experience with the Sixty engine, it has plenty of power for urban riders. Even better, the Sixty’s power comes on a bit earlier in the rev range—perfect for doing battle in the city.
  1. Here’s the pitch from Indian Motorcycle Vice President Aaron Jax: “For so many motorcyclists, riding carries a rogue spirit – a bold statement of freedom and individuality that brings riders together – and Scout Rogue delivers that in spades.                                                                                                                                                 It’s an attitude that can only be found on a motorcycle, and it creates a totally unique level of camaraderie and community, and that’s what Scout Rogue is all about.”
  1. There’s an Indian Motorcycle Rogue clothing and gear collection. Apparel ranges from shirts to hats to backpacks.
  1. Although we don’t have an arrival date at dealers for the Rogues, we have the range of prices and colors down in the specs.                                                                                                                                                    The price starts at $9999 for the Rogue Sixty in Black Metallic, sans ABS, and tops out at $13,999 for the 2022 Indian Scout Rogue in Stealth Gray with ABS. 


2022 Indian Scout Rogue

2022 Indian Scout Rogue

2022 Indian Scout Rogue

2022 Indian Scout Rogue

2022 Indian Scout Rogue

2022 Indian Scout Rogue

2022 Indian Scout Rogue

Full Specifications

2022 Indian Scout Rogue (and Scout Rogue Sixty) Specs 


  • Type: 60-degree V-twin
  • Displacement: 69ci (Sixty: 60ci)
  • Bore x stroke: 3.898” x 2.898” (Sixty: 3.661 x 2.898”)
  • Maximum power: 100 horsepower @ 8100 rpm (Sixty: 78 horsepower @ 7200 rpm)
  • Maximum torque: 72 ft-lbs @ 6000 rpm (Sixty: 65 ft-lbs @ 5800 rpm)
  • Compression ratio: 10.7: 1 (Sixty: 11:1)
  • Valvetrain: DOHC; 4vpc
  • Fueling: EFI w/ 54mm throttle body
  • Cooling: Liquid
  • Transmission: 6-speed (Sixty: 5-speed)
  • Clutch: Wet multiplate
  • Final drive: Belt


  • Front suspension; travel: Non-adjustable 41mm fork; 4.7 inches
  • Rear suspension; travel: Non-adjustable shocks; 2.0 inches
  • Wheels: Cast Black
  • Front wheel: 19 x 3.5
  • Rear wheel: 16 x 3.5
  • Tires: Metzeler Cruisetec
  • Front tire: 130/90 x 19
  • Rear tire: 150/80 x 16
  • Front brake: 298mm floating disc w/ 2-piston caliper
  • Rear brake: 298mm floating disc w/ single-piston caliper
  • ABS: Optional


  • Wheelbase: 62 inches
  • Rake: 29 degrees
  • Trail: 4.7 inches
  • Seat height: 25.6 inches
  • Fuel capacity: 3.3 gallons
  • Curb weight: N/A

2022 Indian Scout Rogue Colors and Prices

  • Black Metallic: $11,499 MSRP
  • Black Metallic (ABS): $12,399
  • Black Smoke (ABS): $12,899
  • Sagebrush Smoke (ABS): $12,899
  • Storm Blue (ABS): $12,899
  • Stealth Gray (ABS): $13,399

2022 Indian Scout Rogue Sixty Colors and Prices        

  • Black Metallic: $9999 MSRP
  • Black Metallic (ABS): $10,899
  • Bronze Smoke (ABS): $11,399
  • Titanium Smoke (ABS): $11,399

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