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The new 2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter marks the first stage of a dedicated push into the electric bike market in Europe for Yamaha.

But on paper, it’s a machine that lacks the sort of headline-making performance or range that we’d hope to see as one of the world’s biggest motorcycle companies tackles a technology we’re all likely to be used in the not-too-distant future.

On March 10, 2022, Yamaha officially launched the NEO’s electric scooter as a 2022 model. While the name NEO’s was previously used on a popular Yamaha combustion scooter, this represents the first electric scooter to bear that model name.


The 2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter features a removable 18-pound battery. The lithium-ion power supply is rated for 1kWh, and is a 50-volt, 19-amp design.

In addition to the standard battery, an owner can install a second battery to the Neo, nearly doubling its range. The single battery range is 23 miles, according to Yamaha, which is reasonable for an urban scooter with 50cc performance.

Adding the second battery ups the claimed range to 42 miles, and the Neo switches to the backup battery automatically, as needed. We don’t have a price on the second battery.

The 2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter includes a portable battery charger. You can take the charger with you when you ride to work and add juice from a standard power outlet while you toil at your desk. It takes eight hours to fully charge the battery.

The electric motor has two power modes. Standard mode is good for 25 mph, as the motor puts out two kilowatts of power—the equivalent of 2.8 horsepower. Eco mode drops the maximum speed to 22 mph and limits the motor to 2.1 horsepower, slowing the 2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter’s acceleration.

Using Eco mode ekes just one more mile of range from the battery, Yamaha admits. A turtle icon on the LCD dash lets you know the Neo is in Eco mode. You can switch between modes on the fly.

There’s a direct-drive hub in the rear wheel, which houses the air-cooled brushless electric motor. By eliminating gears and drive belts, efficiency and smoothness are improved.

It also reduces sound output from the Neo to just 55 dB at 23 feet—about the sound production of an electric toothbrush or coffee machine. A single-sided swingarm, which houses the motor control unit, simplifies wheel removal for maintenance, including mounting fresh rubber.

The 2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter employs 13-inch wheels and Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires. There’s a 130 tire in the back and 110 upfront.

A 200mm disc with a hydraulic caliper slows down the front wheel with a drum brake outback. The fork offers 3.5 inches of suspension travel, with the rear wheel getting 3.1 inches of movement.

The seat height of the Neo is 31.3 inches, with the electric scooter weighing 209 pounds with one battery installed.

The 2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter has LED lighting and durable bodywork. Yamaha has added rubber molding to the Neo to protect it from the inevitable bumps and knocks it will sustain in urban use.

The twin headlights resemble eyes. The electric scooter is available in Milky White and Midnight Black, with both versions sporting Aqua accents.

The under-seat storage area can accommodate a single jet-style helmet with one battery installed. Adding the second battery eliminates the ability to store a helmet.

The dash communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth. In addition to letting you know when you get phone calls or texts, Yamaha’s free MyRide app provides a broad range of technical and maintenance information. When you park your Neo, the MyRide app keeps track of where it is and helps you find it if you forget where you hopped off.

There are several accessories for the Neo, including a top case. If you spring for a top case, you can also install a passenger backrest. There’s also an apron available for those who ride in inclement weather.

The 2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter is a Euro-only model. It will be available in May, with prices varying by country. In the UK, the list price is £3005.


2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter

2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter

2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter

2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter

2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter

2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter

2022 Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter



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