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5 Innovative E-Bicycles To Buy 2021: Bicycles have been with us for ages and it has been one of the easiest ways of transport even in this modern time, But these 2021 E-bikes are worth the innovations and Viral Technologies have taken time to list five of the must-have bikes in this era.

1.SYQIQ Hyper E-Bike:

Price: ‎US$578.00

5 Innovative E-Bicycles To Buy 2021
SYQIQ Hyper e-Bike

The SYQIQ Hyper e-Bike is a powerful transportation solution that’s built with the demands of urban consumers in mind to help them easily commute through the city and enjoy cross-country exploration during their time off. The bike will deliver 20Kw of continuous power with a peak power output of 30Kw to address a rider’s specific need for varying degrees of responsiveness according to the conditions. Designed for the US market, the electric bike features a connected design with a built-in GPS and GSM module as well as a smart battery system that will help to prolong battery life.

The SYQIQ Hyper e-Bike is the design work of Artem Smirnov with the 3D model work by Vladimir Panchenko and the engineering design of Nikolay Medvedev.

SYQIQ Hyper e-Bike -Hybrid Exploration Electric Motorcycles

2. Civilized Cycles ‘Model 1:

Price: $5,999

Cargo-Friendly Urban e-Bikes
Civilized Cycles ‘Model 1

The Civilized Cycles ‘Model 1‘ electric bike is an eco-friendly transportation solution that aims to combine the best of cargo bikes, scooters, and Dutch cruisers.

The bike features panniers that will provide ample storage space for riders who are looking for a way to carry their essential gear, shopping, and much more. A 350W, 500W or 750W mid-drive motor helps to provide impressive performance that’s supported by a Li-ion battery that will deliver 25 miles of range per charge. Built-in USB charging ports keep smartphones or other small technology devices powered up during rides.

The Civilized Cycles ‘Model 1’ electric bike is being produced in a small production run of 40 units, which are priced at $5,999 each with shipments projected to start in Q2 2020.

5 Innovative E-Bicycles To Buy 2021

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