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The Bombardier Challenger 350 offers the best of both worlds. The super-midsize private jet offers outstanding runway capability, and its range is ideal for coast-to-coast private flights.

Onboard, you’ll find comfortable seating available in two configurations—a divan layout or a double-club seating arrangement. There are also several custom touches, including a single-serve hot beverage maker, a microwave oven, and NetJets’ proprietary tablet-based On-Demand In-Flight Entertainment System.

Discover how the Bombardier Challenger 350 elevates coast-to-coast private flight through onboard amenities and access to even the most remote airports.

Seamlessly switch from information to entertainment with the Challenger 350 aircraft’s refreshed cabin management system. Inspired by the industry flagship Global 7500 aircraft, its modern and user-friendly design allows you to intuitively connect to all of your devices.


Challenger 350 - performance

challenger 350

Challenger 350 - hud

Bombardier Challenger 350

Bombardier Challenger 350

Challenger 350 cabin

Bombardier Challenger 350 Full Specifications


  • Maximum range3,200 nm

(Theoretical range with NBAA IFR Reserves, ISA, M 0.80, 8 pax /2 crew. Actual range will be affected by speed, weather, selected options and other factors.)


  • Passengers: Up to 10


  • Available Head-up Display (HUD) with Enhanced Vision System (EVS)
  • Collins Aerospace Pro Line 21TM Advanced avionics suite with four large displays
  • Dual Flight Management System with LPV and RNP approach capabilities
  • Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
  • MultiScan™ weather radar
  • Dual Inertial Reference System (IRS)



  • Top speed0.83
  • High-speed cruise0.82
  • Typical cruise speed0.80


  • Takeoff distance(SL, ISA, MTOW)4,835 ft
  • Landing distance(SL, ISA, typical)2,364 ft


  • Maximum operating altitude45,000 ft
  • Initial cruise altitude(MTOW)43,000 ft


  • Honeywell HTF7350 turbofans
  • Thrust: 7,323 lbf (33 kN)
  • Flat rated to ISA + 15°C

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