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The Bombardier Challenger 600 series is a family of business jets manufactured by Canadair of Bombardier Aerospace. 1,600 Bombardier Challengers are in-service; the fleet has logged 7.3 million hours over 4.3 million flights.

The Bombardier Challenger 601-3A was developed as the second variant of the Challenger 601, after the 601-1A. It was launched in September of 1986. In September 1987, this model was extended to the Challenger 601-3A/ER; its first flight took place in November 1988.

The Bombardier Challenger 601-3A is powered by two General Electric CF34-3A engines with 9,220 pounds of thrust. Its features include an all-glass cockpit, drag-reducing winglets, and increased range. It also has lower noise levels, dual digital Honeywell DFZ-800 flight guidance, dual digital Collins HR 9000 communications systems, and Honeywell Primus 650 digital weather radar. The 601-3A/ER variant also includes an additional tail-cone fuel tank located in the tail fairing.Bombardier Challenger 601

Production of the Bombardier Challenger 601-3A ended in 1993, with a total of 134 jets being built. Prices range from $2.9 million for an early model to $3.9 million for a late model.

In addition to performance, Bombardier emphasized reliability when building the 601-3A.  In the cockpit, you will find dual digital Honeywell DFZ-800 flight guidance, EDZ-800 EFIS, laser inertial reference, and dual digital Collins HR 9000 communications systems. The Honeywell Primus 650 digital weather radar also assists in a reliable flight.

A few other notable refinements of the 601-3A include an all-glass cockpit, drag-reducing winglets and greater fuel capacity, all contributing to the jet’s transoceanic range. An additional tailcone fuel tank comes standard with the -3A/ER variant, adding even more range.

Even for its age, the Bombardier Challenger 601-3A still offers nice cabin space. Rather large to accommodate long-range trips, the interior measures over 6 feet tall (stand-up cabin), over 8 feet wide and 28 feet from front to back. A staggering 19 passengers will reach maximum capacity, while 10-12 are standard. A “deluxe” galley and lavatory can be found aboard. The aircraft is also known for its low noise levels.

Beginning with the original Challenger 600, Bombardier created a successful family of business jets. Manufactured from 1987-1993, the 601-3A is the cream of the crop, featuring the best engines, avionics, and design of the family.  It remains a likely competitor in the long-range, wide-body business jet category.

Bombardier Challenger 601 Technical Specifications


  • Exterior Height: 20 ft 8 in
  • Wing Span: 64 ft 4 in
  • Length: 68 ft 5 in


  • Cabin Height: 6 ft 1 In
  • Cabin Width: 8 ft 2 In
  • Cabin Length: 28 ft 4 In
  • Cabin Volume: 1,035 cu ft
  • Door Height: 5 ft 8 In
  • Door Width: 3 ft
  • Internal Baggage: 115 cu ft


  • Crew: 2
  • Passengers: 9

Operating Weights

  • Max T/O Weight: 45100 Lb
  • Max Landing Weight: 36000 Lb
  • Operating Weight: 26250 Lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 17635 lbs Lb
  • Payload W/Full Fuel: 1365 Lb
  • Max Payload: 4750 Lb


  • Normal Range: 3380 nm
  • Max Range: 3590 nm
  • Service Ceiling: 41000 ft


  • Balanced Field Length: 6500 ft
  • Landing Distance: 4500 ft


  • Rate of Climb: 4,259 fpm
  • Climb Rate One Engine Inop: 1,207 fpm
  • Max Speed: 459 kts
  • Normal Cruise: 443 kts
  • Economy Cruise: 425 kts
  • Cost per Hour: $ 4,928.61

Power Plant

  • Engines: 2
  • Engine Mfg: General Electric
  • Engine Model: CF34-3A

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