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Bombardier introduced this beautiful flying  Challenger 300 SuperMid Jet as a private jet to beef up the upscale of businessmen craving for the luxurious style of traveling.  Challenger 300 SuperMid Jet

Challenger 300 SuperMid Jet Performance

Bombardier began manufacturing The Challenger 300 SuperMid Jet in 2004 and continues to do so today. The cabin measures 28.6 feet long by 7.2 feet wide by 6.2 feet tall giving it a total cabin volume of 930 cubic feet. The dimensions make it comfortable for 8 passengers, with the maximum configuration seating 16.

The baggage compartment can hold up to 15 bags, assuming your average piece of luggage is less than 5 cubic feet. The Challenger 300 SuperMid Jet has a maximum range (subject to headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity) of 3527 miles and a maximum speed of 541 mph. Common names and abbreviations: Challenger 300, CL-300, CH300.


Challenger 300 SuperMid Jet is a super-mid-sized jet capable of flying transcontinental distances. Having Challenger in the name has no correlation with the Challenger 600 or the 800 series. The project was released to the public during the Paris Air Show on July 13th of 1999, tentatively named the Bombardier Continental.

The Bombardier Continental was renamed in September of 2002. It entered commercial service in January 2004. It has a maximum capacity of 16 passengers but in a standard configuration of up to 8.

It is powered by two Honeywell HTF7000 turbofan engines, each giving 6,826 lbf of thrust. It goes to a speed of 554 mph Mach 0.83, and a cruising speed of 528 mph.

Full Specifications Challenger 300 SuperMid Jet




  • Airshow System
  • Cabin Speakers
  • CD Stereo
  • DVD Player
  • Full Refreshment Center
  • Fully-Enclosed Aft Lavatory
  • Headsets
  • In-Flight Luggage Access
  • Internally Accessible Closet
  • Microwave
  • Power Outlets
  • Video Monitors*

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