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The new Super73 C1X Concept Electric Motorcycle is expected to reach 75 mph at full tilt. Designed for city cruising, the C1X has a small footprint that the team achieved by shortening the wheelbase and downsizing it to 15-inch wheels.

By comparison, even the smallest Zero e-bike is taller and bigger than this svelte machine. Interestingly, it has a pretty average seat height of 31 inches, which is almost on par with a Ducati Monster.

The SoCal outfit, known for supplying e-bikes to the likes of Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, and Will Smith, has just unveiled a new electric motorcycle that’s a powerful step up from its signature rides. The new bike comes after 33 percent of Super73’s loyal followers expressed interest in a street-legal motorcycle.

Named the C1X, the motorcycle bears the company’s signature retro styling but is equipped with battery-powered tech that belies its throwback aesthetics. Somewhere between a pushbike and a café racer, the sleek two-wheeler is lightweight (and presumably agile as a result), but still promises to deliver plenty of grunts.


The seat height is designed to encourage new riders. The saddle is 31 inches above the pavement—not cruiser low, but still manageable to a broad range of potential customers. There are Super73 pedal-assist bicycles with a similar seat height.

Super73 went to 15-inch disc wheels to keep the C1X low. The Super73 C1X Concept Electric Motorcycle is shod with sport-oriented Bridgestone Battlax Scooter SC2 tires—a 120/70 front and 160/60 rear. Disc brakes slow the C1X down—one large disc in the front.

The smallish wheels are matched by a compact 51-inch wheelbase. That is three inches longer than a Honda Grom, and four inches shorter than a Honda CB300F.

WP suspension is employed. The fork is an inverted design, with the single shock a non-linkage setup.

The robust aluminum swingarm has LightTech chain adjusters from Italy.

The Super73 C1X Concept Electric Motorcycle is intended to do battle on urban freeways. Top speed is expected to be above 75 mph, sufficient for most freeways in densely populated areas.

Further cementing its urban intentions, the battery range in the city is projected to be 100 miles. A fast charger option will pump the battery up to an 80 percent charge in less than an hour—time for lunch.

Super73 is mum about battery specifications. “Further enhancing the Concept’s agility is a mass-centralized chassis/battery configuration, the precise specification of which will remain under wraps until further testing is completed,” according to a Super73 press release.

The graphics are striking, and the LED lighting is minimalist. As with many concept bikes, accouterments such as mirrors or license plate holders are notably absent.

If you’d like to reserve a production version of the Super73 C1X Concept Electric Motorcycle, it will cost you $73. There’s no word on the expected price of the production model. Also, it will be a 2024 model, arriving in late 2023. Super73 promises to keep those buying a reservation updated on the progress leading to production.


Super73 C1X Concept Electric Motorcycle

Super73 C1X Concept Electric Motorcycle

Super73 C1X Concept Electric Motorcycle

Super73 C1X Concept Electric Motorcycle

Super73 C1X Concept Electric Motorcycle

Super73 C1X Concept Electric Motorcycle

Super73 C1X Concept Electric Motorcycle

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