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The 2022 Rezvani Beast gives new meaning to the lightweight, high-performance sports car, mixed with world-class styling. At its core sits a 2.4-liter 500 HP supercharged and inter-cooled Honda racing engine, further developed by the Rezvani team, and given an innovative and efficient Rotrex supercharger.

The results are astonishing performance — 2022 Rezvani Beast is capable of 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds, giving drivers the ultimate thrill. This engine selection allows for a low cost of ownership and service.

A programmable dash displays all the critical information for the driver at a glance. Shift lights and shift points are pre-programmed to tell the driver when to shift for maximum engine horsepower and torque bans. Utilizing the latest in lighting technology, our advanced LED Headlights provide maximum road illumination for late-night driving.

A close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission provides accurate gear shifts and allows the driver to be fully involved in the driving experience.


2022 Rezvani Beast

2022 Rezvani Beast

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0-60 MPH in 2.9 Seconds
Rezvani / Cosworth 2.4L Rotrex™ Supercharged and Intercooled
500 Horsepower
6-Speed Manual Gearbox

Chromoly Tubular Chassis / Carbon fiber Body

Weight: 1,650 Pounds (750KG)

Length: 165.2 Inches  (4,145 mm)
Width: 80.1 Inches (1,981 mm)
Wheelbase: 92.3 Inches (2,345 mm)

2 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty

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