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Widely known for its 250-like agility and 450-like power, the 2023 KTM Dual-Sport has become a dual-sport to be reckoned with. Thanks to its potent combination of sheer rideability and next-level capability in any terrain, it holds all the cards in the dual-sport world.

KTM PowerParts combines strenuous in-house R&D and collaborations with the leading aftermarket performance brands to bring you the ultimate catalog of personalization and performance parts.

Each and every 2023 KTM Dual-Sport PowerParts item has been designed and specifically developed to bring out the very best from your KTM motorcycle.

Using materials sourced from the world of racing, such as carbon fiber, titanium and high-strength anodization processes, each item has been engineered for riding at the very edge.

Designed to save weight, increase engine performance, and improve aerodynamics and comfort, there is a KTM PowerParts option for every application, from heading off the beaten track to transforming your KTM motorcycle into the ultimate, flat-out track weapon.

Every motorcycle in the range gets fully adjustable WP XPLOR suspension as standard, with the advantage of a Progressive Damping System (PDS) on the rear. The PDS layout – a staple across 2023 KTM Dual-Sport offroad models, offers lower maintenance due to fewer moving parts, and provides more ground clearance with less chance of hooking up when climbing logs or rocks. Also new for this year is a Dunlop MX33 tire mounted to the front of each KTM XC-W and XCF-W machine. This tire is paired perfectly with the Dunlop AT81 rear.


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