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The Gulfstream G650 has been adjudged as the “farthest, fastest flight in business aviation history”. The G650 (and its sister aircraft the G650ER) is considered an ultra-long-range aircraft setting 100+ world records for speed. The G650s can fly over 7,365 statute miles non-stop, at cruising speeds of 652 mph, capable of flying westbound around the world in just over 41 hours.

The Gulfstream G650’s cabin is best-in-class with a focus on comfort,  innovation, and design. According to Gulfstream, the 4-zone cabin is designed to combat altitude fatigue and jet lag with “100% fresh air and the lowest cabin altitude in the industry”. The 16 signature Gulfstream oval windows allow for more natural light,  providing panoramic views from anywhere in the cabin. The Gulfstream G650 offers an exceptionally peaceful and quiet atmosphere, giving passengers everything they need with space to work, play, relax or dine.

Cabin amenities generally include a full-service galley and refreshment center, high-speed Wi-Fi, a cabin management system, power outlets, data ports, video monitors, cabin speakers, a 42-inch flat-screen TV, telephone/SATCOM, and entertainment system, an Airshow System, and an exterior 3-camera system. This jet offers a fully enclosed lavatory and 195 cubic feet of ample baggage space that is accessible in flight.

The Gulfstream G650 exceeds expectations in terms of reliability, performance, and cabin amenities. The spacious and luxurious interior of the G650 is 2138 cubic feet, with a cabin height of 6’2″, width of 8’2″, and length of 50’1″. This heavy jet can comfortably seat 15 (19 people at max capacity dependent on cabin configuration) in the large stand-up cabin and can sleep up to 10 passengers.


Gulfstream G650

Gulfstream G650

Gulfstream G650

Full Specifications

G650ER Maximum Range1

7,500 nm

G650 Maximum Range1

7,000 nm

High-Speed Cruise

Mach 0.90

Long-Range Cruise

Mach 0.85

Maximum Operating Mach Number (Mmo)

Mach 0.925

G650ER Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW)

6,299 ft

G650 Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW)

5,858 ft

Initial Cruise Altitude

41,000 ft

Maximum Cruise Altitude

51,000 ft


G650ER Maximum Takeoff

103,600 lb

G650 Maximum Takeoff

99,600 lb

Maximum Landing

83,500 lb

Maximum Zero Fuel

60,500 lb

Basic Operating (including 4 crew)3

54,000 lb

Maximum Payload3

6,500 lb

Maximum Payload/Full Fuel3

1,800 lb

G650ER Maximum Fuel

48,200 lb

G650 Maximum Fuel

44,200 lb




Gulfstream PlaneView™ II


Two Rolls-Royce BR725

Rated Takeoff Thrust (each)

16,900 lb


Finished Cabin Height

6 ft 3 in

Finished Cabin Width

8 ft 2 in

Cabin Length (excluding baggage)

46 ft 10 in

Total Interior Length

53 ft 7 in

Cabin Volume

2,138 cu ft

Baggage Compartment Volume

195 cu ft

Exterior Height

25 ft 8 in

Exterior Length

99 ft 9 in

Overall Wingspan

99 ft 7 in


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