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Self-driving cars remain a work-in-progress. Many firms race to beat competitors and snag the top spot. A California startup called Zoox Robotaxi might have an edge over others right now. Amazon bought Zoox last June. The startup just showed off its long-awaited self-driving car.

Zoox built its prototype from the ground up. It took over six years before they unveiled the final version of their Robotaxi. The vehicle looks like a four-wheeled box similar to other self-driving prototypes we’ve seen before. But Zoox’s new electric self-driving car has a few neat tricks up its sleeve. These features could help it stand out in a crowded field.

The first distinctive feature is the ability of the zoox Robotaxi to drive “bi-directionally.” Basically, in addition to moving forward and backward, the vehicle can also move side to side. It also has four-wheel steering, enabling it to have a turning radius of just over 28 feet. Since urban scenarios will be the only thing it encounters, these features will come in quite handy.

And, if you are wondering about battery range, the large 133-kWh battery enables it to drive up to 16 hours on a single charge. Not bad, right?

Interestingly, Zoox robotaxi also claims that its autonomous four-seater can achieve 75 mph. Such a speed can make one wonder if the startup intends to have it drive on highways too. Unfortunately, no comment has been made on the matter yet.

Zoox robotaxi had planned to start commercial operations this year, but that didn’t happen, as you might have guessed. The company is yet to announce when the Robotaxi will be available in the market, but with Amazon’s backing, it might happen sooner than later.


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