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Of course, el Greenger Powersports x 2022 Honda CRF-E2 is probably not what you had in mind. However, aimed at younger pilots, this collaboration between Greenger Powersports and Honda is sure to catch our eye.

While more expensive than the gasoline-powered CRF50F, the 2022 Honda CRF-E2 is significantly cheaper than KTM’s and Husqvarna’s kid-friendly electric dirt bikes. Order allocations are limited, but it’s now available at participating Honda motorcycle dealerships.

Greenger Powersports designed and manufactures the 2022 Honda CRF-E2. Honda has licensed its name, the iconic wing logo, and the CRF name to Greenger for this mini electric dirt bike, which is intended to compete against traditional 50cc minis.

Greenger Electronic Technology has 20 technical patents for various electrical components, which is undoubtedly why Honda teamed up with the Ontario, Calif., based company for the CRF-E2.


The full name of the electric motorcycle is the 2022 Greenger Powersports x Honda CRF-E2. That’s a bit cumbersome, so we’re shortening it to the 2022 Honda CRF-E2—sorry, Greenger.

American Honda Powersports dealers are the exclusive retailers of the 2022 Honda CRF-E2. You won’t find it at Walmart, Pep Boys, or even a Honda Marine dealer. It’s a motorcycle and is being treated as a motorcycle, not a toy.

The 2022 Honda CRF-E2 has an aluminum twin-spar frame and kid-friendly dimensions. The seat height is adjustable to 24.8 or 25.5 inches, and the weight of the CRF-E2 is 106 pounds.

Maximum rider weight with gear on is 99 pounds—sorry, dad. The wheelbase is 38 inches, and the ground clearance is a generous 7.8 inches.

Kenda Millville K771 tires are mounted on 12-inch wire-spoked wheels. Both the front and rear get 60/100 tires. Each wheel also gets a 190mm disc and hydraulic caliper to slow things down.

The 2022 Honda CRF-E2 is designed for riders already familiar with riding a two-wheeler. This is the next step up from the Stacy electric bicycles.

There are two power modes and plenty of torque. The top speed of the CRF-E2 can be limited to 10 mph in Stage 1 and tops out at 20 mph in Stage 2. Maximum horsepower and torque output come at 4000 rpm, and that’s where the controller comes in.

Electric motors put out maximum torque as soon as they move, making them unusable for a motorcycle without a controller. Honda quoted some “rated” numbers, but that’s not a standardized measurement, so we’ve left it out. Regardless, those 18.4 ft-lbs of torque tell you more about the potential performance of the E2 than the 3.4 horsepower peak.

Run time maxes out at two hours, and is likely considerably shorter with a larger, aggressive rider onboard.

A quickly swappable battery makes up for slow charging times, but each additional battery runs $1000. Charging ranges from two hours to 80 percent with the optional quick charger (available in April) to four hours to 100 percent in the standard charging mode.

That won’t satisfy kids who want to ride from sunrise to sunset, so the 12-pound battery can be swapped out.

The suspension travel numbers on the 2022 Honda CRF-E2 are interesting. The non-adjustable 33mm fork has 3.9 inches of travel, while the cantilevered shock gives the rear wheel 8.3 inches of travel.

The rebound-damping and spring-preload adjustable shock is made by DNM. It’s directly bolted at an angle to an imposing aluminum swingarm. Above the shock is a welded-on aluminum subframe.

High-end goodies include a left-handlebar mounted LCD dashboard, adjustable hand levers, and robust footpegs. The chain guard is extensive, and there’s also a chain guide.

Styling is pure Honda CRF. The little electric looks like the larger dirt bikes ridden by the big kids of all ages.

Here is what American Honda Senior Manager of Customer Engagement Bill Savino says about the CRF-E2: “We’re pleased to partner with Greenger Powersports to offer an innovative, approachable electric dirt bike to our customers and dealers.

One of Honda’s mission statements is ‘ensuring the joys for the next generation,’ and the CRF-E2 clearly aligns with that objective. We look forward to working together with Greenger to grow motorcycling well into the future.”

Greenger Powersports Manager of Sales & Marketing has this to say: “The CRF-E2 will expand the enjoyment of riding off-road on two wheels to more families. The appeal to traditional enthusiasts is obvious, as it’s just a cool little dirt bike.

At the same time, it breaks down barriers with people who wouldn’t otherwise consider Powersports, but who are already comfortable with electricity’s increasingly ubiquitous role in our society. We can’t wait to see more kids getting the chance to discover what dirt bikes are all about.”

The list price for the 2022 Honda CRF-E2 is $2950. That’s a substantial $2449 less than the 2022 KTM SX-E 5 electric mini-motocrosser. We’re already angling to get our young test pilots a ride on the CRF-E2.


2022 Honda CRF-E2

2022 Honda CRF-E2

2022 Honda CRF-E2

2022 Honda CRF-E2

2022 Honda CRF-E2

2022 Honda CRF-E2

2022 Honda CRF-E2


2022 Greenger Powersports x Honda CRF-E2 Specs


    • Motor: Brushless DC w/ inner rotor
    • Maximum power: 3.4 horsepower @ 4000 rpm
    • Maximum torque: 18.4 ft-lbs @ 4000 rpm
    • Top speed: 20 mph (Stage 2) or 10 mph (Stage 1)
    • Cooling: Air
    • Battery: Swappable lithium-ion
    • Capacity: 950 Wh
    • Charge time to 100 percent: 4 hours (2.5 hours w/ optional quick charger)
    • Charge time to 80 percent: 3.2 hours (2 hours w/ optional quick charger)
    • Charger line voltage range: 90-264 volts
    • Run time: Maximum 2 hours
    • Battery warranty: 24 months or 1000 charges (whichever comes first)
    • Transmission: Clutchless direct drive
    • Final drive: 428 chain


    • Frame: Aluminum perimeter
    • Handlebar: Tapered aluminum
    • Front suspension; travel: Non-adjustable 33mm fork; 3.9 inches
    • Rear suspension; travel: Cantilevered rebound-damping and spring-preload adjustable DNM shock; 8.3 inches
    • Wheels: 12 x 1.6; wire-spoked
    • Tires: Kenda Millville K771
    • Front and rear tires: 60/100 x 12
    • Brakes, front and rear: 190mm disc w/ hydraulic caliper


    • Wheelbase: 38 inches
    • Rake: 25 degrees
    • Trail. 1.3 inches
    • Seat height: 24.8 or 25.5 inches
    • Ground clearance: 7.8 inches
    • Maximum rider weight: 99 pounds
    • Curb weight: 106 pounds

2022 Greenger Powersports x Honda CRF-E2 Price: $2950 MSRP

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