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We debuted the 2024 Honda CBR650R new Honda E-Clutch last month. It’s an automatic clutch that disengages the transmission when you come to a stop and allows for quickshifter-style clutchless shifting. It differs from a centrifugal clutch, in that it is electronically controlled, rather than a purely mechanical operation based on engine speed. It’s also different from a DCT (dual-clutch transmission)—you shift manually, and there is only one clutch in the E-Clutch system. We’re seeing it for the first time, unexpectedly integrated into the 2024 Honda CBR650R and CB650R—at least in Europe.

2024 Honda CBR650R is promoting the new E-Clutch as more than the convenience of stopping and accelerating away without touching the clutch lever. According to Honda, the E-Clutch is smoother and allows faster shifting than a manual clutch. When making clutch less shifts, the E-Clutch partially disengages the clutch as it interrupts fueling and ignition. Honda describes the shifts as “ultra-fast.”

You can use the clutch lever normally in conjunction with the E-Clutch on the 2024 Honda CBR650R and CB650R, or you can shut the system off entirely and go full manual. The action of the E-Clutch can also be adjusted. A new five-inch TFT screen helps you with that chore; it replaces the aging LCD dash on both bikes. The dash can be paired to your smartphone via the Honda RoadSync app and Bluetooth.

The 2024 Honda CB650R gets updated Neo Sports Café styling from front to back. The top of the LED headlight is slanted rearward to look more aggressive, the radiator shrouds are new, the tail section plastic is more angular, and the taillight is new.

Changes to the 2024 Honda CBR650R include reworked dual LED headlights to complement the completely new front full fairing. The tail section is also revised.

We don’t have prices on the 2024 Honda CBR650R and CB650R, and we also can’t confirm that these two groundbreaking E-Clutch sport motorcycles will be coming to the United States. We hope they are, American Honda!


2024 Honda CBR650R


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