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GWM WEY Mocca is the first Chinese auto brand named after the founder. It is also the first Chinese luxury SUV brand created by a global team of over 1,600 designers and researchers from GWM with five-year efforts in line with the highest standards of global luxury brands.

It is not only a symbol or an antonomasia but also a commitment made by Mr. Jack Wey, the founder of the WEY brand, in his own name. That is, he will defend the WEY brand with ingenuity, like guarding the highest honor and belief; and he will record the glory and the era with the dream and determination of the Chinese luxury SUV leader.

Safety is the premise of all luxury. GWM WEY Mocca safety system achieves innovations in intelligent safety from four aspects of life, property, information, and environment. It defines the “new theory of safety” in the intelligent ecosystem of the future. It brings ubiquitous safety.

Adhering to the prospect of “making a cleaner planet for humankind”, GWM WEY Mocca, with its root in new energy vehicles, has already deployed the most fully-configured technical lines, including BEV, HEV, and HFCV, in the industry. It has gained advantages in the clean energy field earlier than any others. The accelerated implementation of the electrification strategy and the overall carbon-elimination program, help it take the highland in the new energy vehicle technologies of the world.

WEY is aimed at being the world’s leading luxury SUV brand and the benchmark of China’s intelligent automobile manufacturing. WEY is a brand born with a global gene and its developers are professional elites from all over the world. Its products meet the most rigorous safety standards in the world.
At present, GWM WEY Mocca‘s R&D system has already spread in the EU, North America, and Asia, forming an R&D layout of “seven countries and ten regions”. Globally coordinated development in terms of products, technologies, and talents has already become true. The promotion of WEY’s global strategy has been scheduled already.
The brand is planned to enter the European market in 2021 and the North American market in 2023 while extending to other markets in the world, challenging the other luxury brands overseas. It is going to become a leading brand of intelligent luxury SUVs in the global automobile industry. It will break it through as a representative of China but not only a product of China.
GWM WEY Mocca electric drive platform covers a single-motor front shift or rear shift drive or can be extended to a four-wheel-drive system of dual-motor drive, so as to realize free distribution of driving torque between shafts. Meanwhile, with the advanced drive shaft assembly concept, electric drive components can be integrated deeply, thus, increasing the torque by 20% and the power by 15%, while reducing the volume and weight by 16% and 21% respectively.
GWM WEY Mocca is also developing a series of cutting-edge technologies. The energy density and battery efficiency can be improved for cobalt-free batteries, and the drive motor efficiency can be improved by the low-consumption flat copper wire winding technology. These new technologies will be applied in our plug-in hybrid and electric drive vehicles.




Engine Displacement 1.5T/2.0T
Aspiration Turbo
Gearbox 7DCT
Num. of Doors/Seats & Body Type 5/5 SUV
Body Size (L*W*H) 4462*1857*1638
Wheelbase 2680
Max. Speed (km/h) 190
Acceleration 0-100 km/h|(0 to 62 mph)
Fuel Consumption (L/100km) 6.6-7.1
Curb Weight (kg) 1630-1710
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 55
Trunk / Boot capacity (L) 261
*** Engine *** ***
Engine Code E15BA (1.5T) | E20CB (2.0T)
Max. Power 171PS or 126kW @5600 | 227PS or 167kW @5500
Max. Torque 287N.m @3000 | 387N.m @3600
Num. of Cylinder 4
Num. of Valves 4
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel System Direct Injection
*** Body *** ***
Drive wheels – Traction FWD
Front Suspension McPherson struts.
Rear Suspension Double wishbone
Body structure Integral
Front Brakes Vented Discs
Rear Brakes Vented discs
Front Tyres 235/55 R19 225/60 R18
Rear Tyres 235/55 R19 225/60 R18

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