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This Philippe Starck-designed vessel is the second superyacht commissioned by Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko, after his first Sailing Yacht A. She was built in Germany by the Nobiskrug yard and delivered in February 2017.

Melnichenko pushed his team to put the accent on innovation and create a sail-assisted yacht like no other. Sailing Yacht A comprises eight decks, and her rotating curved carbon fiber masts tower to 100m. She is made to set 3,747m² of sail and is manned by a crew of 54. She sports an underwater viewing pod (molded into the keel) and balconies enclosed by the largest pieces of curved glass ever. There are 24 shell doors in her hull, and she has a diesel-electric power plant controlled by a computer. Records claimed by the Starck superyacht include the world’s tallest carbon masts, with the tallest standing at 100 meters above sea level.

The Sailing Yacht A’s value is widely reported in the media to be over EUR 400 million or US$ 500 million. We think that her price was around US$ 600 million. We calculated this amount based on her very large displacement of 12,558 tons. A value of US$ 600 million would be US$ 48,000 per ton. Which is actually a relatively low amount. Nowadays a high-quality yacht, built-in Northern Europe, will cost you around US$ 65,000 per ton. (Which would make SY A’s value around US$ 800,000,000).


Sailing Yacht A awarded the World Superyacht Awards - Nautech News

Sailing Yacht A can travel at up to 21 knots, but the specifications of its interior have been kept under wraps 

Sailing Yacht A

Inside SAILING YACHT A • Nobiskrug • 2017 • Value $600M • Owner Andrey  Melnichenko

Full Specifications

Name Sailing Yacht A
Namesake A
Owner Andrey Melnichenko
Port of registry Hamilton, Bermuda
Ordered March 2011
Builder Nobiskrug
Yard number 787
Launched April 2015
Acquired May 2017
Identification IMO number1012141[1]
Status Delivered
General characteristics
Tonnage 12,558 gt
Length 142.81 m (468.5 ft)
Beam 24.80 m (81.4 ft)
Height ~100.00 m (328.1 ft)
Draught ~8.00 m (26.2 ft)
Decks 8
Installed power Variable-speed diesel-electric plant
Propulsion Lineshaft controllable-pitch twin screw
Sail plan 3,747 m2 (40,330 sq ft) 3-mast schooner rig
  • Cruising: 16 knots (30 km/h)
  • Top: 21 knots (39 km/h)
Range 5,340 nmi (9,890 km)
Crew 54

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